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It’s closed for a reason

Road closed sign
Road closed signs during the floods, are there for a reason- your safety.
Published Friday, 6th March 2020

Road closed signs during the floods, are there for a reason- your safety.

That message from Jon Fraser of the Highways team at Worcestershire County Council.

Jon warns road users should not ignore road closed signs during the floods and clean-up operations. Driving past a road closed sign could put you in potential danger.

Even as the flood waters subside, the roads may be covered in mud and other debris, or may have been damaged by the flood waters. The closed signs remain in place while the teams assess the road, and make sure it is cleaned and cleared ready for road users.

Mud and silt can be particularly dangerous for cyclists and motorcyclists, so it is important not to travel on roads affected until they are cleaned up.

Jon says; “ Just because a road looks like it could be clear, does not mean it is safe to travel on. Road closed signs can be placed some way from an area of concern, so a road user may not see what the problem is ahead. But along with flood water further along the road, there may also be silt and debris, or damage which needs clearing, making the road unsafe. If you ignore road closed signs, you are putting yourself and others at risk. “

The flood waters may be easing in some areas of the County, but there is still a great deal of clearing and cleaning to be done.

Drivers are reminded not to drive through flood water, and not to remove or move road closed signs from affected roads.