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Celebrating 10 years of recycling at EnviroSort

EnviroSort staff celebrate 10 years Published Monday, 10th February 2020

EnviroSort, the specialist sorting facility based in Worcester has processed over 700,000 tonnes of recycling, enough to fill over 1100 Olympic sized swimming pools, since the building was opened 10 years ago.

The plant was opened to sort kerbside recycling, as part of the Integrated Waste Management Contract held between the county councils in Herefordshire and Worcestershire and the plant operator Severn Waste Services.

Today, the building receives an average of 38 delivery vehicles a day, produces, 260 bales of recyclable materials daily and processes over 75,000 tonnes (280 Olympic sized swimming pools) of material each year.

County Councillors and officers from Severn Waste Services came together on Friday 7th February, following the Waste Management meeting, to celebrate the building’s 10th anniversary.

Councillor Tony Miller, Worcestershire County Council’s Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Environment, said: “It’s was great to get together with fellow councillors and staff from Severn Waste Services to celebrate a fantastic 10 years for EnviroSort.

“The facility is hugely important in helping us to recycle across Herefordshire and Worcestershire, helping to save energy, conserve natural resources and protect the environment.”

The building was built by Severn Waste Services and opened on the 1st November 2009.

Michael Hornby, the Operations Co-ordinator for Severn Waste Services, said: “We are delighted to be able to help our clients, Worcestershire County Council and Herefordshire Council, recycle this material.

“Thanks to the residents of the two counties, we are able to maximise the environmental and economic benefit of the dry and loose recyclable material provided by them.

“To help us recycle even more material, please make sure you put the right materials in the green bin and that they are clean.”

EnviroSort operates every weekday from 6am until 11pm and employs around 100 people who are responsible for ensuring the quality of materials sent for recycling. Materials are loaded on to conveyor belts, where operatives hand sort the material initially to remove anything that shouldn’t be there before it passes through automated machinery which separates it into glass, paper, plastics and steel and aluminium cans. The individual materials are then baled and sent to UK based companies for further processing.

More information about Envirosort is available on the Severn Waste website.