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Preparing the county's roads for Polling Day

Gritting Published Monday, 9th December 2019

The highways teams at Worcestershire County Council are preparing to keep the county’s roads open on Election day.

A December election brings the possibility of icy weather for the polls, but the teams have drafted contingency plans if the weather gets cold this Thursday.

Gritting on all the primary and secondary roads will take place as normal if the temperatures drop. Alongside that, where practical, access roads to the polling stations will also be gritted.

Highways staff have been visiting each of the polling stations to assess what might be needed in case of freezing conditions.

The district councils are responsible for gritting any car parks and the immediate access to the polling stations. The county council has supplied the districts with salt for their winter road provision, so the districts are also well prepared.

If snow falls on election day, the main focus will remain on keeping the primary and secondary roads open. Any further gritting requirement will be assessed on the day.

The county council will also ensure no major road works take place close to polling stations on polling day.

At the moment, the forecast isn’t predicting icy conditions, but if that changes, the teams will be ready.

 Jon Fraser of Worcestershire County Council Highways team said: “We are aware of the importance of voters reaching the polling stations on election day and have been preparing our teams to be on standby for extra gritting duties. If the temperatures do drop, we’ll be adding access roads to the polling stations, to our existing list of roads we will treat. We will monitor the weather forecast for the day and make final decisions as polling day arrives.”

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There's a variety of information about gritting operations online, including interactive maps which show designated gritting routes. Residents can also find their nearest grit bin on the gritting routes page of the Council website