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New care and financial management IT system for Adult Social Care

Published Monday, 2nd December 2019

From 18 November, the Council has introduced a new care and financial management IT system for adult social care.

This £3.7m investment has taken 18 months to procure, develop and implement.

It will result in a more efficient and effective way for the Council’s social care staff to manage their workload and will see improvements in invoicing and billing.  The system, supplied by Liquid Logic and ContrOCC, is a key part to the Council developing a modern and sustainable way to deliver improved services to the people of Worcestershire.

Adult social care currently support over 6,600 people per annum and has an annual net expenditure of £135m per annum. 

To support this, the Council processes 23,000 thousand transactions per month and issues 20,000 thousand supplier transactions per month, working with 1100 suppliers.  The new system will significantly improve the speed and efficiency of this.

As part of the implementation, processes have been reviewed and modified.  If anyone has any questions about changes to their invoicing or billing, please contact Sharran Grove on or 01905 846522

Elaine Carolan, the Council’s Interim Director of Adult Services explained:
We provide care to over 6,600 people every year in Worcestershire and it is vital that we handle every care package for every person as effectively and efficiently as we can. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our own systems and processes for the benefit of the people who we support and their families.

“The introduction of a new system has enabled us to carry out a detailed review of existing billing arrangements. As a result there are small number of people who will have had their bills adjusted and we have written to every one of those people.”