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Rethink your waste this Christmas

Family unwrapping Christmas presents by a Christmas tree. Published Wednesday, 27th November 2019

Christmas is the most wonderful, and the most wasteful, time of the year.

In the UK, we create 30% more waste than usual over Christmas and Worcestershire County Council is encouraging residents to think about the waste their households are producing this year.

It is estimated that two million turkeys and 17.2 million Brussels sprouts go uneaten every year. Add this to six million Christmas trees and one billion Christmas cards and that is a huge amount of rubbish being produced.

Emma Stuart, Waste Prevention Project Manager at Worcestershire County Council said: “The amount of waste produced at Christmas is quite shocking. Christmas decorations such as plastic and glass baubles, food waste, waste from toys and other gift packaging significantly increase the amount of waste generated.

“We are asking residents to think twice about purchases they make this Christmas, both food and gifts. I’d also like to remind people to ensure they are recycling the correct items.”

Below are a couple of ideas to consider:

  • Instead of physical Christmas cards, give e-cards or send a video message
  • Lots of gift wrapping is not recyclable. To find out which bin to put it in is simple- do the scrunch test. Scrunch up a piece of the wrapping and if it stays scrunched in a ball, it is recyclable. If it opens back up, you need to put it in your black/grey bin.
  • Plan all Christmas meals in advance and ensure you only buy what you will need. Use the portion calculator on www.lovefoodhatewaste to avoid leftovers.

For further information on reducing your waste and where to recycle or reuse any additional Christmas waste please visit the Let's Waste Less website.