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County Council teams working to help residents during the floods

Image of a flooded road
Worcestershire County Council’s teams have been working hard to keep the county moving and people safe during the floods.
Published Friday, 15th November 2019

Worcestershire County Council’s teams have been working hard to keep the county moving and people safe during the floods.

The County Council’s highways control team has been co-ordinating with the flood risk management team and colleagues from the Environment Agency and the emergency services to ensure that the situation is being constantly monitored. This work will continue today and throughout the weekend as river levels in Worcestershire remain high.  

The council has also been closely liaising with district councils and the emergency services to ensure a co-ordinated response to the situation.

Roads throughout the southern and eastern parts of the county have experienced the most flooding due to already wet ground and low-lying brooks filling with heavy rain for most of Thursday.

Drivers are being warned to continue take care and not enter flooded roads. Hereford and Worcester fire service advises anyone out and about not to drive or walk into flood water and to find alternative routes.

Scores of schools closed early yesterday (Thursday) with concerns over getting children home safely and many have had to stay closed today. (Friday 15 November).

The council’s emergency planning team convened a special response group to ensure plans are in place to keep the most vulnerable people in the county safe. This ensures that care assistants and emergency services are able to continue their vital work and reach those most in need.

Jon Fraser, Worcestershire County Council’s spokesperson for highways said: “Once again our teams are working tirelessly to keep people safe . The heavy rain has caused more surface water flooding than normal due to already saturated ground.  This has caused considerable flooding and in places it is likely it will take longer than normal to recede.

"We urge drivers not to take risks or assume it is safe to drive at normal speed. We’d particularly warn drivers not to remove ‘Road Closed’ signs, as they are put in place to help drivers avoid the potential dangers of deep water. Do not drive into flood water, it is impossible to tell how deep the water may be and the risk you are putting yourself at. Our emergency alert will be updated until we are back to normal and information will be given out via our twitter account @WorcsTravel." 

"If you spot a problem on our roads that hasn’t been reported please call 01905 845676.”

Anyone whose property has been flooded can find information on the flood pages of the Council website.

Emergency supplies of sandbags are being made available by local district councils.

If you are concerned about a vulnerable adult during the floods, please call the access centre on 01905 768053