Thank you to Worcestershire Kinship Carers

Published Friday, 11th October 2019

There are more than 160 children currently being cared for by Kinship Carers in Worcestershire.

These children are being looked after by one of 106 approved kinship fostering households receiving support from Worcestershire Children First.

When children can’t be cared for by their birth parents for whatever reason, being looked after by someone the child already has a close connection to can help reduce some of the shock and trauma that comes with this type of change.

Kinship Care Week (5-11 October 2019) is a national week to raise awareness, understanding and recognition of the role of kinship carers.

Tina Russell, Director of Children’s Social Care and Safeguarding Services at Worcestershire Children First, said: “Kinship Carers are so important because they build on children and young people’s sense of identity as well as helping them feel safe and cared for. It helps children maintain family connections.”

Worcestershire Children First has dedicated Kinship Teams that work to assess and support Kinship Carers looking after children they care for.

Tina added: “We are committed to providing the best support and training to those who provide an essential care provision to a number of children in our care and I want to thank each and every Kinship Carer in Worcestershire. We do not underestimate the impact you have on that child’s life, keeping them with family where they belong, happy, healthy and safe.”

 To find out more about Kinship Care please visit the Worcestershire Children First Fostering website or if you have a question you can call the Family Front Door on 01905 822666.

For more information please visit the Worcestershire Children First website.