Worcestershire backs new Mental Health platform launched today

Campaign image used on Facebook Published Friday, 4th October 2019

Worcestershire’s Interim Director of Public Health, Dr Kathryn Cobain, together with Worcestershire County Council are backing Every Mind Matters, a new way to help people manage their mental health.

Launched today, Every Mind Matters is a ground--breaking online platform from Public Health England (PHE), in partnership with the NHS, to support mental health. It has been developed from a pilot in this region (West and East Midlands).

Research by PHE shows 83p per cent of people in West Midlands region have experienced early signs of poor mental health including feeling anxious, stressed, having low mood or trouble sleeping in the last 12 months. While these can be a natural response to life’s challenges, they can become more serious if people don’t take action, with many people waiting too long do something about it.

Every Mind Matters shows people the simple steps they can take to be better prepared for life’s ups and downs. The new platform, which has been endorsed by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RGCP), will enable people to create a personalised action plan recommending a set of self-care actions to deal with stress, boost mood, improve sleep and feel in control.

The platform is getting a special film to promote its launch. “Every Mind Matters” which has been written by Richard Curtis and directed by Rankin, narrated by Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It shows how we can all look after our mental health and will be aired simultaneously at around 8:45pm tonight simultaneously across ITV, Channel 4 and Sky channels.

Interim Director of Public Health for Worcestershire, Dr Kathryn Cobain said: “In Worcestershire we are getting behind this ground-breaking campaign to launch the Every Mind Matters platform.

“It shows the simple steps we can take to be better prepared to cope with life’s ups and downs that everyone experiences at some time. It includes a short quiz and is followed up with a personalised, interactive action plan. 

“All of these actions have well evidenced impact on improving and maintaining good mental health, which can help people to feel and function better, have more positive relationships, manage difficult times and get more out of life – now and in the future.”