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Supporting vulnerable adults to regain independence

Maureen's improvement measured on the LifeCurve graph. Published Wednesday, 17th July 2019

Adult social care is one of the key priorities in Worcestershire and it uses 40 per cent of the County Council’s annual budget. An ageing population means an ever-increasing need for care and support.

A key priority to achieve in Worcestershire is to ensure people can stay independent and in their own homes, for as long as possible.
To help improve this independence, Worcestershire County Council uses a mapping tool called the LifeCurve™, which was developed by ADL Smartcare.
Working with care provider, Eclipse HomeCare, Worcestershire County Council delivered a pilot study to improve individual’s independence. Using this mapping tool, individuals still living in their own homes, were assessed and placed accordingly to help develop a care package and solution to help them.
The ADL Smartcare LifeCurve™ is a list of 15 daily tasks that a person should be able to do independently such as cutting toenails or housework. As a person starts to lose the ability to do these steps, they enter the LifeCurve™.
The aim is that a person moves along the LifeCurve™ gradually, at an optimum curve. If a person loses the ability to do these tasks more quickly, it means their independence and mobility is rapidly declining.
Maureen was an individual who participated in the pilot study. She was unable to undertake daily tasks due to Dementia related memory issues. This prevented her from being able to care for herself appropriately.
Eclipse HomeCare discussed with Maureen what her motivation and aims were. She said she wants to be able to prepare meals and dress independently.
A care package and selection of reactivation exercises; which help to improve mobility, were implemented to support Maureen increase her independence. She is now able to prepare meals and cook with supervision.
Maureen has been able to stay in her own home with daily visits from Eclipse HomeCare to ensure she is safe.
Rob Gready, Founder and Managing Director at Eclipse HomeCare said: “The ongoing exercises and support have drastically helped Maureen with daily life. She has gained confidence and strength and is showing signs of increased independence. It’s important that people recognise the signs of losing their mobility, so intervention can be done to help support them declining further.”
Councillor Adrian Hardman, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care at Worcestershire County Council said: “It is one of Worcestershire County Council’s priorities to ensure adults have long, enjoyable, healthy and extended lives. This summer, we are hosting a number of tailored ‘Making a Decision’ events, aimed to kick-start conversations with residents on planning for the future.”
For more information and further event dates, please visit the making decisions about your future page on the Council's website.

If you want to see more from Eclipse HomeCare’s study, please the Eclipse & Home Care website.