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Chairman County Curios launches today

Published Friday, 21st June 2019

Did you know that the world-famous Liver Birds situated on top of the Royal Liver Building were actually constructed in Worcestershire?

There’s now an opportunity to learn something new every Friday as Peter Tomlinson has today launched his Chairman’s County Curios.
Today, the chairman revealed that the liver birds were constructed using copper plates at the Bromsgrove Guild in 1910. They were then dismantled, transported to Liverpool & reassembled.
Every Friday during his civic year, the chairman will highlight a little known fact about the county, from his social media profile.
Councillor Peter Tomlinson, Chairman of Worcestershire County Council said: “My curios are a little bit of fun, to make every Friday a school day, and to help people learn a little bit more about our great county. I’d welcome any facts that people would like to share for our upcoming curios.”
The chairman is aiming to highlight something from every corner of the county during the course of his civic year.
You can follow the chairman on Twitter at @Chairmanworcscc and keep up to date with the weekly facts by searching #ChairmansCountyCurios.