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Have a Waste Free Easter

Easter eggs in the grass Published Thursday, 18th April 2019

Across the UK, it is estimated more than 8,000 tonnes of waste is generated from Easter egg packaging every year.

Residents in Worcestershire are being encouraged to consider having a waste free Easter, thinking about their use of disposable packaging and the amount of food waste produced.

Much of the waste generated can be recycled but Worcestershire residents are often confused about what should go in which bin.

Richard Woodward, from Let’s Waste Less Worcestershire, said: "We want people to enjoy Easter, but to do so without generating unnecessary waste that harms the planet and comes with a considerable disposal cost to the council taxpayer. We have produced a few tips to support people to reduce their waste and increase their recycling this Easter.”

  • Buy wisely – if you are purchasing a chocolate egg, choose one with a minimal amount of packaging. Particularly look for ones that use minimal, or no plastic.
  • Recycle as much you can – all cardboard packaging can be recycled in your green bin. Foil wrapping can be recycled at a Household Recycling Centre.
  • Plastic egg shaped packaging can be recycled in your green bin
  • Sweet wrappers contained within eggs should go in your black bin
  • Send an e-card - save paper by sending an electronic card to friends and family. If you do opt for a traditional card, ensure it does not have any glitter or bows on it as this means it cannot be recycled.
  • Food waste – the average household with children in Worcestershire throws away £700 of food away every year - some of this is due to simply cooking too much. Use a portion size checker and find advice on reducing food waste at the Let’s Waste Less Worcestershire  

For more waste reduction information visit the Let's Waste Less website