First choice school place figures remain on the rise in the county

Education schools and colleges Published Tuesday, 16th April 2019

For the third year in a row, over 90% of children in Worcestershire will be starting school in September at their first-choice school.

This year saw the County Council receive just over 6,100 applications, 100 more than in 2018. Over 5,600 children (92.4% of applications) in the County will be attending their first-choice school.

The number of children being placed in their second preference has increased from last year, with 5.1% of children receiving a place there. This means 97.5% of children will be attending either their first or second choice of preferred school.

Every child, for whom an application was submitted to the County Council, received a school place.

Catherine Driscoll, Director of Children, Families and Communities said: “This is a really positive day for families in Worcestershire, as many children’s educational journey begins today. It’s great news that so many children will be starting school this year in their first or second choice school.

"Our statistics for allocating preferred school places have been moving in a really positive direction for a while now and we’re delighted that this year sees that trend continue.”

Over the last few years, Worcestershire County Council has been promoting applying online via the County Council's website.

This year, 98% of all Worcestershire applications were made online.

If you would like to appeal your child's school place decision, please visit  the schools admission page on the website and download the Appeals Information Document.