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Published Monday, 13th December 2021

Latest updates on Moving Evesham Forward

December 2021

Avon Street one-way trial

The trial is now complete and following review of the traffic flow data and feedback received during the experiment, the decision has been taken to revert back to the original layout.

October 2021

Evesham town centre improvements now complete

Works to make improvements to Evesham town centre are now complete.

The improvements have taken place on Port Street and at the Waterside/Port Street Junction, as part of Worcestershire County Council’s commitment to enhancing town centres across the county.

The works included repaving the footways on Port Street, the reconfiguration of the area outside the former Talbot Pub, updating traffic signals at the Waterside/Port Street Junction, a new controlled pedestrian crossing across Waterside, the upgrade of traffic signals on Port Street and enhanced street lighting.

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August 2021

Avon Street one-way trial

The experiment will be extended to cover the month of September, as we see a return to school runs and its associated impact on the local network. Following this, the comments regarding the scheme will be collated into a report for consideration by the Local Member.

July 2021

Evesham town centre improvements progressing well

Improvement works in Evesham to relieve congestion and enhance the town centre are progressing well.

The works are taking place on Port Street and the Waterside/Port Street Junction and are part of Worcestershire County Council’s commitment to tackling congestion and improving town centres across the county.

So far, works have focussed on reconstructing the paving along Port Street between Waterside and the junction with Burford Road. To allow these works to take place a full road closure was required, which has now been lifted. The street lighting along Port Street has been upgraded and new traffic signals have been installed outside the Regal Cinema.

Work has also taken place at the Waterside Junction, including the installation of a new signal-controlled pedestrian crossing, removing the existing traffic signals and resurfacing works.

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September 2020

Avon Street one-way trial

Much of Avon Street was already one-way: this trial has converted the short stretch of two-way running, adjacent to the junction with High Street, to one-way. With traffic flow restricted to ‘into’ Avon Street (from High Street), this means the Avon Street ‘stage’ in the cycle of the High Street traffic signals is no longer needed, speeding-up the overall cycle of the signals. This gives more time to traffic flow on High Street and Swan Lane.

An image of Avon Street one-way trial

An “experimental traffic regulation order”, backed by consultation with the Chief Constable, District Council and official freight associations, enabled the trial to be put in place on 24 May 2020.

Beginning the trial at the height of the pandemic lockdown allowed the reconfigured road layout to become safely ‘established’ while traffic volume was so greatly reduced. 

Traffic monitoring on associated routes through Evesham has already picked-up how the trial ‘bedded-in’ during its early, low traffic months and it will show how it influences flows as traffic volumes rise towards pre-lockdown levels. This will inform the decision on whether to make the trial a permanent arrangement.

The Avon Street trial represents the beginning of a second phase of the Evesham Transport Strategy.

For more information see Evesham Transport Strategy February 2020

June 2020

Local pinch point fund

The Budget 2018 announced the creation of a £150 million fund for high-impact schemes to help address congestion pinch points and to reduce congestion on local roads. Following on from this, in the summer of 2019 the Government invited local authorities to bid for a share of this fund, with £75 million to be awarded in each financial year 2021 to 2022 and 2022 to 2023.


The fund aims to boost economic growth by tackling barriers on the local highway network that may be restricting the movement of goods and people, and it will operate in two stages. This first stage of the application process asked local authorities to submit brief expressions of interest (by 31 January 2020. Worcestershire County Council submitted two bids, one of which was for an extensive range of measures to improve transport in Evesham.

Website: More information on the Evesham bid

Emergency active travel fund

On 9 May 2020, the Government announced £2 billion funding for walking and cycling, with the first £250 million to be made available immediately to local authorities as an emergency active travel fund to deliver measures to tackle COVID-19. 

Details of the indicative funding allocations by local authority can be viewed at the GOV.UK - Emergency active travel fund: local transport authority allocations website (opens in a new window).

Worcestershire County Council provisional allocation

Worcestershire County Council has been provisionally allocated a total of £1,353,000 from this fund, split into two rounds.


A bid Worcestershire: An active recovery was submitted to the Department for Transport by Worcestershire County Council on Friday, 5 June 2020 for the first round of this funding (£271,000). This bid seeks funding for measures to be implemented throughout Worcestershire, including in Evesham.

Website: More information on the emergency active travel fund bid

June 2019

A number of improvements have already been delivered and more are in development. Proposals can only be taken forward if they represent good value for money and if they 'work'. Consideration of whether a proposal 'works' covers such issues as:

  • is it safe
  • is there space to fit it
  • how will it affect the functioning of the town
  • how does it affect access for all

The development of some proposals has revealed that they fail these tests. For more information on which proposals have been delivered, which are in development and which have been ruled out can be found in the following documents.

Download: Update on proposals that won't be progressed further

Download: Update on proposals delivered or in development

January 2019

Evesham's traffic light systems will be assessed to see if any recent technological advancements might bring efficiency improvements, as part of the ongoing scheme to improve transport in the town. Worcestershire County Council is setting up a commission to re-assess the control systems of Evesham's traffic signals.

All traffic signals detect -and respond to- the traffic that is present, but from time to time the software that controls this response is improved and the re-assessment commission will ensure that Evesham's signals are up to date and working as efficiently as possible.  This re-assessment process is the latest step in the Evesham Transport Strategy, which seeks to develop and deliver a range of measures across the short, medium and long term.

The validation work will be undertaken in the coming months, whilst previous work has already seen more than 20 improvement options tested for 'feasibility': those that passed this testing are now being assessed in the Evesham Traffic Model, and this work is scheduled to conclude in Summer 2019.