School Closures Tomorrow

Make a real difference

Community Action Response

We’re looking to recruit staff with great people skills to help tackle coronavirus 

Make a real difference and become a Worcestershire Corona Hero

As staff respond to COVID19 and the needs demanded to care for people increases, we need people to help backfill and support caring roles in our day centres, care homes, residential care and in people's homes.

We realise people want to help where they can and we really need your help.

The County Council is offering a paid role, not just volunteering that comes with training.

Please note we are unable to offer a role to anyone who fits one of the at risk groups.

No prior care experience but want to make a difference?

Concerned about your current job or currently out of work? You can make a difference and earn an income. 

Ideally we are looking for people who have experience coordinating others, managing a roster, general administration and assessment skills relating to care needs. You will also need the ability to travel around the county as needed to support demand on an ad-hoc basis. 

You do not need prior care experience but if you do, we'd really like to hear from you. 

The roles are located all over Worcestershire in various settings: Day centres; people's own homes (domiciliary care) and residential care.  We'll keep you safe and won't put you in a setting where you will be at risk of getting COVID19 

We need people to start as soon as possible so we've streamlined our recruitment process. 

If you want to make a real difference we'd like to hear from you now!

Interviews will be by Skype. 

Calling former care workers

In Adult Social Care, both in Worcestershire and across the West Midlands, the pressures caused by Covid-19 are immense. The people we serve need our care more than ever before. To keep going over the coming months we need all the experience, skills and spare hands we can find.

Whatever the reason you left adult social care – to change direction, look after your family or to enjoy a well-earned retirement – we need your skills and experience again.