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Looking after your mental and physical wellbeing as you get older can help to slow down age-related functional decline and keep you independent for as long as possible. 

Public Health’s new project encourages over 50s across the county to keep active and well in later life with two new initiatives, Worcestershire’s LifeCurve™ and the Resistance Band Pilots Programme.

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Living Well

Access health and wellbeing information to help you live well

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Your LifeCurve™

Understand your LifeCurve™ and how to maintain or improve your position

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Keeping Active

Keep active in later life with advice and exercise tailored to your ability

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In Your Area

Connect with local activities, services and resources that support you to live independently

The Worcestershire LifeCurve

The LifeCurve™ can help you stay active and independent as you get older, keeping you well and reducing the amount of care you may need in the future.

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