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Information for residents concerned about the situation in Ukraine - Support for Guests

Education and childcare

Apply for a school place

You (or your host family) can apply for a place for your child(ren) at a school in Worcestershire once you arrive. However, we recommend that you do not rush to place a child in school, but instead allow time for children and young people to settle and recover.

School Admissions | Worcestershire County Council

You will also need to arrange transport to and from school – Worcestershire County Council, as the Local Authority responsible for education provision, has agreed a policy for Home to School Travel. Read more about school and transport policies.

If you would like to apply for travel assistance to your school or college, you will need to submit an application online, so we can assess your eligibility. If you want to know more, please see:

The Refugee Education UK website provides advice and support to help young refugees access education.

Free school meals

All children including, Ukrainian guests in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 automatically are eligible for Universal Infant Free School Meals, you need to ask the school to order your child a meal.

For Ukrainian guests in years 3 to 11, we will fund Free School Meals for the 2022 to 2023 academic year. There is no action to take on your part while you are setting in, we are informed of your arrival by the School Admissions team and we will communicate with your child’s school.

To ensure your child will continue to receive Free School Meals after July 2023, we need you to make an online application, this can be done any time once you have received your National Insurance Number and a Universal Credit statement, and should be done while you meet the criteria.

Apply for a free school meal

Free early education

Some two year old children are entitled to free early education, based on family circumstances. Worcestershire is offering all Ukrainian two year old children 15 hours of early education from the term after their 2nd birthday. Please visit Free childcare | Worcestershire County Council to find out more information. To apply for Two Year Old Funding, complete a paper application form (found on the website) and wait until you have received a confirmation email before starting your child at a childcare setting. 

All 3 and 4 year old children are entitled to 15 free hours of early education from the term after their 3rd birthday, including Ukrainian guests. After choosing a childcare setting, you will need to provide the setting with proof of your child’s date of birth and complete a Parent Declaration Form, which they will give you. 

If you and your partner (if applicable) are working, your child may be able to access an additional 15 funded hours per week. Further information, including how to apply, can be found via Childcare Choices | 30 Hours Free Childcare, Tax-Free Childcare and More | Help with Costs | GOV.UK. 

For more information please visit: Childcare | Worcestershire County Council

To search for childcare in Worcestershire, please visit: Find childcare | Find childcare | Worcestershire County Council

Childcare services

You can get help with the cost of childcare depending on your circumstances. 
Childcare | Worcestershire County Council

Finding a job

You have the right to work as soon as you arrive in the UK. You need to be 18-years-old to work full time.
The UK government website provides a range of information to help you with finding a job.
If you want to talk to someone about finding work or claiming the benefits you may be entitled to, you can visit your local Jobcentre Plus. 
Jobcentre Plus Local Office Search.
For local jobs and opportunities in Worcestershire please visit Local jobs, apprenticeships and training | Worcestershire Opportunities.

Your rights and safe working

Once employed, your rights as a worker are protected by UK law.  Some rights take immediate effect, some are conditional on how long you work. The following are your employment rights which you should expect from your employer.
You are entitled to:

  • be paid the National Minimum Wage
  • rest breaks and time off work
  • paid holiday
  • an itemised payslip
  • fair and legal deductions from your wages
  • a safe working environment
  • sick pay
  • a copy of your terms and conditions

You can read more about your rights as a worker in the UK. The Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority protects vulnerable and exploited workers. They have more information about your rights in Ukrainian and Russian and have a helpline if you need to report any problems.

Report problems with an employer to the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority by calling 0800 432 0804

Modern slavery

Slavery is a word for when one person obtains or forces another person to work for them against their wishes. Unfortunately, slavery does happen in the UK.
If you wish to report any concerns, call the UK Modern Slavery and Exploitation helpline on 08000 121 700 or report online. There are Ukrainian and Russian translators available. You can find more information on the Unseen website.

Accessing public transport

For current Worcestershire County Bus Timetables 

Please visit Bus Timetables | Bus Timetables | Worcestershire County Council

National Rail | National Rail Enquiries & Tickets | Trainline

Accessing English classes in the community

For information on how to access English classes please visit Adult and family learning courses | Worcestershire County Council

Access English classes at a local college: 

Wyre Forest District 
English For Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) – Kidderminster College

Bromsgrove and Redditch District, Worcester City District 
ESOL | Heart of Worcestershire College

Wychavon District 
ESOL Speaking and Listening - Languages - WCG – Warwickshire College

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