Worcestershire Winters Well

Household Support Fund

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The government recently announced that a new Household Support Fund will make financial and other assistance available to those most in need this winter and through until the end of March 2022.

In Worcestershire, £3.9 million has been allocated to support people in need in the county.

At least half the £3.9 million is ring fenced to support families with children. As part of this support, those eligible for free school meals will also receive equivalent support during the school holidays which will be organised by schools. Support is also available to those without children.

The support fund can be used for energy and water bills and other linked essentials such as heating.

How can apply for the household support fund?

Act on Energy (opens in a new window) will be providing this service across Worcestershire and be contacted by calling 0800 9882881 or email support@actonenergy.org.uk.

Eligibility criteria for support is not restricted to solely vulnerable households in receipt of benefits, but criteria will be applied for the different elements of support on offer

Further information on the wider local support available can be found through Here2Help Worcestershire, including a directory of community services.

Assistance with food and other essentials

Assistance with food and other essentials is being co-ordinated via your local District Council. Information about what is available and eligibility can be found via their websites: