Fostering financial support

The carer allowances paid are as follows.

The allowance received is for the child and covers expenses like:

  • clothing
  • bed and board
  • activities
  • and hobbies
  • in addition to pocket money and savings

The Carer Fee refers to the payment made to carers for the care and accommodation provided to a child.

Level 1 carers are new to fostering and developing their experience and knowledge through their journey £100 per week 

Level 2 carers have some fostering experience and have completed training to support their experiences £150 per week

Level 3 carers have a wealth of fostering experience and training £200 per week

A table showing what financial support carers could be given based on the child's age and the carers level

Age of Child

Allowance for the Child

Level 1: £100 per week

Level 2: £150 per week

Level 3: £200 per week

0 to 2 years





3 to 4 years





5 to 10 years





11 to 15 years





16 to 17 years





For example, if you are new to fostering and are a level 1 carer caring for a child who is 14 years old. You will receive up to £273 per week, £1092 per month, £13,104 per year. This payment is duplicated if you care for more than one child accordingly (see above depending on age). 

As a fostering family you also receive some tax benefits if you foster, this varies from household to household and depends on how many weeks you have a child in place within a financial year. Foster Talk can also advise you about this and provide support with doing your Tax Returns as a Self-employed Foster Carer. 

In addition to this payment throughout the year WCFF will make additional payments to you for the following, please see below. 

Mileage will be paid in addition to carer allowances, per week mileage claims are on average are around £51 per week depending on the transport expectations of the child in place.

  • Holidays (2 weeks fc allowance per year)
  • Birthdays (1-week foster carer allowance per year)
  • Religious Festivals (1-week foster carer allowance per year)
  • Initial Clothing allowance (Between £214-£532, depending on age)
  • School Uniform allowance (Between £61-£194, depending on age)