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Early Help guidance for professionals

Family Plan

What WCF strive for is our families to continue with the good work they have hopefully achieved within their child’s plan whether it be a Child Protection, Child in Need or an Early Help Plan. When our involvement is short-term, as part of a Social Work Assessment or s47 there are usually ongoing tasks/actions that the family and their network have agreed to carry on doing after the assessment has been completed.

From a Signs of Safety perspective, the aim is to build wellbeing and safety into the children’s lives and for the network to carry on supporting the child and their family with the role(s) that has been identified for them.

The family plan is a ‘stick on the fridge’ simple plan that the family and hopefully the network (with consent) will have, following the ending of our involvement and will be ‘family owned’.

The expectation is that a family plan will be sent to the family and network alongside the practitioners’ assessment or plan.

How it works:

The family plan will contain ‘Who is involved in the Plan’ and ‘Plan Rules’.

Early Help professionals should check with families if they have a family plan so they can best support them with their actions and tasks.

Download family plan (PDF)