Worcestershire BSIP Outline Deliverables

Deliverable Objectives Overview

To achieve the ambitious vision for the Worcestershire Passenger Network seven objective areas for delivery have been developed within the BSIP. These will focus on a delivering a network that is suitable for all residents within Worcestershire. These combine the aims and objectives of Worcestershire Passenger Transport Strategy and the requirements the National Bus Strategy. 

Network Prioritisation – Levelling up Deliverables

  1. Increase frequency of services on Worcestershire Strategic network. (NPF)
  2. Increase service level patterns to meet the needs of residents (NPS)
  3. Bus Priority - Address operator congestion and pinch points that are impacting services (NBC)
  4. Bus Priority - Accelerate the delivery of Measures in Worcestershire (NPD)
  5. Bus Priority - Introduction of additional bus clearways and look to make these enforceable (NPE)
  6. Bus Priority – Mitigate the impact of Roadworks (NPR)
  7. Consider Education and Social Care Provision as part of the Worcestershire core network offer (NPN)

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Improving the image of bus travel (TI)

  1. To develop a clearly defined and understood “brand” for the Worcestershire passenger transport network, used consistently across the network (TIB)
  2. Continue to enhance the way Information is provided on Worcestershire’s digital estate (TID)
  3. Ensure that information on the Worcestershire Transport network is accessible for all users (TIS)
  4. Develop a passenger charter allowing users and non-users to engage with the authority including how Information will be presented and accessed (TIP)
  5. Co-ordinate and limit to a minimum the number of timetable changes for passenger bus services; (TIC)
  6. Provide a safe and secure environment to Travel (TIE)

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Alterative Service Provision (AP)

  1. Provide alternative forms of transport where normal modes are not cost effective (APA)
  2. Improve integration of alternative Service provision into the Worcestershire Network (API)

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Bus Infrastructure (BI)

  1. Progress to a consistent, uniform, accessible and quality provision of infrastructure that facilitates passenger transport use both on and off bus (BIC)
  2. Deliver next generation mobility hubs to integrate Alterative Service provision and Active Travel with Local Bus Services (BIM)
  3. Consider income generation opportunities (ring-fenced back to Local Bus Network) (BIL)

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Modal Integration (MI)

  1. Focus on providing an integrated Passenger Transport network (MIT)
  2. Build on previous experiences and refresh Choose How You Move (CHYM) as a mechanism for promoting Modal Integration (MIC)

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Technology and Innovation (TE)

  1. Expand Worcestershire Real Time Information System (TER)
  2. Consider Net Zero objectives when considering infrastructure (TEZ)
  3. Deliver Ultra-Low and Zero Emission Buses within the County (ZEB)
  4. Deliver next generation accessible information on and off-bus (TEA)
  5. Improve and develop mechanisms for improving data that can be presented in relation to the network (TED)

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Fares and Ticketing (FT)

  1. Review current Worcestershire Fare structures and consider simpler and lower fare structures (FTF).
  2. Review current multi-operator tickets and evaluate smart and Innovative ticketing products to meet evolving passenger requirements (FTM).
  3. Develop mechanisms for capping using tap on/ tap off technologies (FTO)
  4. Review current school ticketing offers (FTV)

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