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Day opportunities for adults

What are day opportunities?

Day opportunities are community services that people can use if they have disabilities or other difficulties and they need support to engage with their community. They help people socialise, stay well, and enjoy a range of activities. This may be in a centre or out in their local community. Services aim to offer people flexible access to a range of self-chosen activities that are tailored to meet the needs and outcomes that the person identify are important to them. This includes access to learning, training and employment. Services aim to be personalised to the needs of the individual, promoting their wellbeing, independence and integration with the community they are part of.

In Worcestershire, day opportunities are provided via three different models

  • day centres or location based activities
  • community based group activities
  • one-to-one support from home

A care needs assessment will help identify the best options for your particular situation, including whether services provided by a day opportunity would be helpful for you.

Day Opportunities Review

The purpose of the Day Opportunities Review was to consider how the Council may continue to meet assessed eligible need in the most efficient and cost-effective way that promotes independence, social inclusion and positive outcomes for individuals and carers.

Day centres or location based activities

Day centres and location based activities are usually aimed at particular groups of people, such as older people, or people with learning disabilities.

A few are open to a variety of people with different care and support needs. 

There are specialist day centres providing for a range of care and support needs, including:

  • people with physical disabilities and or sensory impairment
  • people with learning disabilities
  • people with mental health difficulties
  • older people who need additional support to live within the community due to health, social issues or other impairments

Community based group activities

These services support people to access a range of group activities in the community. These may be activities already available and they will support groups to access them or support a group to establish a new activity in their community.

One-to-one support from home

These services will provide dedicated one-to-one support to enable service users to participate in activities, leisure opportunities, education or any other activity that they wish to partake in, which is not within a centre base. These services operate directly from the service user's own home and support will include the provision of appropriate transport where needed.

How is quality monitored?

Services which are staffed by registered nurses, or which provide treatment for particular conditions, will need to be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and will be subject to standards and inspections. You can search by service name on the Care Quality Commission (opens in a new window) website to check.

Day centres run by charities or other independent organisations may or may not be regulated and registered depending on what they provide, but should be able to give you details of their quality checks and details of feedback from people who have used the service.

How do I access a day opportunity?

Some day activities are provided by local charities or other organisations. These could be regular groups and activities, lunch clubs or other set meetings. These types of activities may not need an assessment for you to be able to access them.

Some day opportunities may have a charge to attend. Following an assessment we will be able to tell you if you need to pay for this yourself or if we are able to provide you with funding to cover these costs.