Chief Executive / Director of Children's Services recruitment

Foreword by Rob Morrison, Chair for Worcestershire Children First

Rob Morrison


Worcestershire County Council’s vision for children and young people is that the County is a wonderful place for them to grow up in.


In 2019, Worcestershire Children First was created. It’s an arm’s length company owned by the County Council and the mission is to ‘Support children and young people to be happy, healthy and safe’.

The company was formed following an inadequate judgement from Ofsted in 2016 for children’s social care in Worcestershire.

Since 2016, there have been considerable improvements made in children’s social care services to ensure vulnerable children and young people are looked after more effectively.

To ensure there was total focus on the improvement agenda and a holistic approach to children’s services, Worcestershire Children First was created as the delivery vehicle.

The services we deliver embrace all of children’s social care services and education.

I am proud to be the Chair of this company and working with a strong Board of Directors dedicated to our mission of delivering the County’s clear vision.

We have traded as a company since 1 October 2019 and achieved all of our performance targets including achieving financial surpluses which are retained by the Company as retained earnings.

We have an extremely mature relationship with the County Council which is one of our strengths. Our Directors and staff have total commitment to the Company and our mission, however, by working in strong partnerships with the Council and key stakeholders we are achieving much more. We are corporate players in the widest sense and appreciate the need to focus on wider agendas to achieve our ambition for children and young people.

Indeed, the role on offer celebrates our collaborative approach as it combines the statutory role of Director of Children’s Service with that of Chief Executive of Worcestershire Children First.

So, what am I and my Board and the Council seeking in a candidate for the role?

We are looking for someone who:

  • embodies the values of the Company and the Council
  • is an experienced senior leader who has considerable knowledge and skills in delivering social care and education
  • is a child and family centred person who positions the child and families at the centre of everything we do
  • will be strident in embedding the culture of ambition to ensure services are delivered to the highest standard, who encourages initiative, excellence, and continuous improvement
  • seeks innovation in service delivery
  • enjoys the challenge of maximising the outcomes from new initiatives such as the Integrated Care System
  • creates a culture of Accountability who challenges peers and partners and more senior leaders to deliver agreed results
  • is a team player who sees the wider picture and finds solutions

We still have plenty of challenges to meet and there will be ample opportunity for to develop your career as a DCS and Chief Executive of a Company in a positive environment that acknowledges success.

I look forward to your application.

Foreword by Paul Robinson, Chief Executive for Worcestershire County Council

Paul Robinson


Thank you for your interest in becoming Director of Children’s Services at Worcestershire County Council and Chief Executive of our wholly council-owned, children’s services company Worcestershire Children First.

Worcestershire is a place like no other and as a Council we are as unique as the community we serve.

Worcestershire is a fantastic place to live and work, we have a great natural environment, good schools and great connectivity. Although we have issues and problems to solve, no single thing is over-dominant or overwhelming like it can be in some places.

In Worcestershire, we are the drivers of change, the builders of regeneration, the creators of positive opportunities and destinies.

Both the County Council and Worcestershire Children First are forward looking and there is an incredible opportunity to work closely together to provide the best services possible for our children and young people to ensure they get the best outcomes in life.

By leading Worcestershire Children First, you will be driving the company, generating a fresh start, championing the partnership and, most of all, delivering excellent services to those who need us most.

Join us on this journey as we strive to give the children and young people of Worcestershire the very best start to their lives in our wonderful county.

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