COVID-19 and Flu advice for care providers

COVID-19 booster vaccination

Health and Social Care Workers Winter Vaccinations Campaign

The Health and Social Care Workers Winter Vaccinations campaign communicates the importance of getting the flu vaccine and COVID-19 booster. ‚Äč

  • social care workers are eligible for a free flu vaccine and a COVID-19 booster vaccine to help protect themselves and the people they care for this winter
  • these vaccines save lives
    • speak to your employer about booking your flu vaccine as soon as possible
    • the NHS will contact you directly to let you know when it is your turn to get a COVID-19 booster vaccine
  • this autumn and winter, the NHS is preparing for a bad flu season alongside rising cases of COVID-19, which is why taking up any offer of flu or COVID-19 booster vaccines is so important
    • they are the best protection for you and for those you care for from these deadly viruses so get yours booked
  • it’s easy to pass on the COVID-19 or flu virus without knowing, even if you’re healthy, you can still get COVID-19 or flu and spread it to the people you care for
  • people at high risk from COVID-19 are also likely to be at risk from flu, fortunately, we now have safe and effective vaccines to give us the best possible protection from both
  • last year we saw that those infected with both flu and COVID-19 were more at risk of severe illness or even death
  • help protect yourself and the people you care for by booking your free essential winter vaccines as soon as possible

Digital versions of campaign assets are available for download from NHS assets (opens in a new window) and CARE assets (opens in a new window)

FLU vaccinations are also available at your local pharmacy (opens in a new window)

Guidance on visiting someone in a care home

Website: Guidance on care home visiting from GOV.UK (opens in a new window)

See our dedicated Housing and care homes section of the website for more information.

Are you a care provider?

The following advice is available from GOV.UK

For advice on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in supported living settings and in home care settings, you may find it useful to refer to Personal protective equipment (PPE) - resource for care workers delivering home care (domiciliary care) in England (opens in a new window)