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Here2Help Business: Technology support

Here2Help Business: Adapt

Delivered by Borwell Ltd, system & secure software specialists.

Borwell has extensive experience in providing professional IT services working with a large variety of customers across multiple industries throughout the county.

Areas of support are flexible to meet your particular needs but may include:

  • assessing current ICT systems to determine efficiencies and vulnerabilities
  • identify and develop strategies to implement safe and flexible remote working
  • identify technology investment to support future business development
  • investigate and support the implementation of new ICT business models, technologies and online business tools and solutions
  • develop business awareness and understanding regarding cyber security ie potential threats and opportunities that can affect their business
  • support businesses to develop digital business community engagement

Web events

Delivered through Zoom these will be interactive presentations for up to 25 businesses, booking is essential.

Web events are available to all businesses located in Worcestershire.


Web event 1: Adapting your Business Technology following COVID-19

Date and time: 15 October 2020, 9.30 to 12.30

To register and book a place: please go to the Worcestershire Business Events Portal -  Adapting your Business Technology following Covid-19 page (opens in a new window).


  • technology then (before COVID-19) and now (after COVID-19)
    • saving costs
    • improved efficiency
    • more automation
  • getting started with remote working
  • benefits of remote working vs office working - Best technologies/software to use in your business?
  • systems for better business engagement and marketing


Web event 2: Cyber Security and your Business

Date and time: 11 November 2020, 9.30 to 12.30

To register and book a place: please go to the Worcestershire Business Events Portal -  Cyber Security and your Business page (opens in a new window).


  • what is security?
  • how do you protect your business?
    • physically
    • digitally
  • OWASP - web application security
  • network security
  • typical network setups/configuration
  • human/people security - phishing, social engineering etc
  • business management and logging/auditing

Advice clinics

Josh Corless, Keelan Chance and Shaun Dundavan Borwell experts are available for bookable advice sessions.

Advice clinics are available to all businesses located in Worcestershire.

Booking: please go to the Calendly website (opens in a new window) to book a convenient time and date for your advice session.

  • The IT Health Check
    • the IT Health Check is designed to provide a high-level overview of IT uses, configuration and security across the entire business; it captures technical, non-technical and people related information to provide comprehensive and detailed guidance for improvement
  • Ask the marketing expert
    • the ask the expert is a 1:1 session to give you the opportunity to ask a system, software or security question to our experts to get it answered directly in line with current best practices

Bespoke technology for business consultancy

Bespoke, in-depth, one to one support directly linked to the strategic agenda of the business and to address more complex longer-term considerations which may require a shift in the business model and operations to build business resilience. Eligible Worcestershire Businesses may receive up to 6 days consultancy support in technology, at present this will be delivered remotely via Zoom.

Eligible applicants must be an SME, a limited company, a sole trader or partnership trading over 12 months and they must be in the following sectors:

  • manufacturing (including science and medical, food and drink)
  • information technology (cyber security, digital and creative)
  • business and professional services (this is restricted to business to business and non-intermediary services)
  • agri-technology
  • construction
  • transport and logistics

Please contact the Sustain& inbox stating business name, contact details and nature of business to request an enrolment form.