Ready Steady Worcestershire Summer Online Family Activities

Session 1: Flavours of the Rainbow

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Eating different colours of fruits and vegetables keeps us healthy and helps us to grow. 

Can you hunt for fruit and vegetables of all the colours of the rainbow?

Some colours are harder than others to find! 

Out of all the fruits and vegetables you have thought of which have you; tried before, never tried or haven't eaten for a while? 

How many have you eaten in the last week? 

Here are some great fruit and vegetable word activities (opens in a new window)


You need to eat at least five different colours of fruit and vegetables a day to stay healthy and nutritious!  

Can you try to eat at least five different colours of fruit or vegetables each day?

Please use this chart to help you to keep track of your success. Just put a tick in the column when you have eaten a colour.

Your target is to have five ticks or more on each day.

Download flavours of the rainbow chart

Why not make this exciting and challenge your family and friends to take the contest too? How many do you think they will eat each day?


Make a delicious and colourful rainbow desert for you and your family to enjoy!

Download rainbow fruit salad dessert

Challenge for grown-ups

Eating different colours of fruits and vegetables gives us different nutrients which keep our bodies healthy and our minds working well. Here are five good reasons why we should include these in our meals:

  1. Fruit and vegetables are a very good source of vitamins and minerals
  2. They are an excellent source of fibre which is often lacking in our daily meals. 
  3. They are low in fat and calories.
  4. They help maintain a healthy weight.
  5. They help lower the risks of cancer and heart disease. 

Why don’t you try to encourage your children to try different fruits and vegetables of many colours! You can vary the size and shape of the of the pieces and remember what they didn’t like last year, they may like if they try it again. So never give up!

This link takes you to information on the nutrients in different coloured fruits and vegetables (opens in a new window)