Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme in Worcestershire (Providers)

Who can apply for funding and what can it be used for?

 We welcome applications from a range of charities, CICs, private childcare organisations and schools. 

A few examples of providers we work with:

  • existing clubs or groups who are running a private (non-HAF) provision who would like to fund and open a few places directly to FSM families through the HAF booking system
  • schools or Community Centres who would like to set up a new club or activity day for children (we encourage providers to open their sessions up to all children and families, either through match funding or by offering paid places to non-eligible children)
  • community Groups who have a group of children that they would like to offer activity or support to over the Winter Period

Funding can be used to support a comprehensive, inclusive, and accessible offer, e.g., setting up new provision where needed, paying for additional staff to expand existing provision or to meet additional needs, etc.

Funding can also be used to support quality improvement, e.g., money to bring in activity providers such as sports coaches; money to establish partnerships with catering organisations.

Please contact us on if you would like to discuss funding options.