Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme in Worcestershire (Providers)

COVID-19 guidance for holiday clubs

The Worcestershire HAF Team will be constantly monitoring any Covid-19 guidance updates in the lead up to School Holidays. Please see below for the latest guidance.

Since the wider government announcement on COVID-19 measures on 8 December, the department has published updated guidance:  Download: COVID-19: Actions for out-of-school settings from GOV.UK (opens in a new window)

Changes to the guidance since the previous update on 2 December 2021 include:

  • updated asymptomatic testing section reflecting that you should encourage visitors to test before coming to your setting
  • updated advice on tracing close contacts and isolation to reflect the forthcoming change to isolation rules
  • updated advice on face coverings
  • updated sections on children and adults who were previously considered to be clinically extremely vulnerable

Specific guidance

Guidance: How to report a positive or suspected case

Guidance: Taking action in the event of an outbreak

Each setting should have a risk assessment and an outbreak management plan in place. More guidance on this from GOV.UK COVID-19: Actions for out-of-school settings (opens in a new window)

COVID-19 Contingency Plan and Outbreak Management Plan: Advice for Providers

You should have contingency plans (sometimes called outbreak management plans) outlining what you would do if children or staff test positive for COVID-19, or how you would operate if you were advised to take extra measures to help break chains of transmission.

Given the detrimental impact that restrictions on education and childcare can have on children and young people, any measures in out-of-school settings should only ever be considered as a last resort, kept to the minimum number of settings or groups possible, and for the shortest amount of time possible. Central government may offer local areas of particular concern an enhanced response package to help limit increases in transmission.

For most settings it will make sense to think about taking extra action if the number of positive cases substantially increases. Information on what circumstances might lead you to consider taking additional action, and the steps you should work through, can be found in the contingency framework.

The contingency framework describes the principles of managing local outbreaks of COVID-19 in education and childcare settings. Local authorities, directors of public health (DsPH) and UKHSA health protection teams (HPTs) can recommend measures described in the contingency framework in individual education and childcare settings - or a small cluster of settings - as part of their outbreak management responsibilities.

If a setting reaches the threshold for an outbreak (see definition below) they should contact the LORT and follow the guidance provided. The LORT are copied in on or if needed 01905 845491.

Outbreak definition

For most education and childcare settings, whichever of these thresholds is reached first:

  • 5 children, pupils, students or staff, who are likely to have mixed closely, test positive for COVID-19 within a 10-day period
  • 10% of children, pupils, students or staff who are likely to have mixed closely test positive for COVID-19 within a 10-day period

For special schools, residential settings, and settings that operate with 20 or fewer children, pupils, students and staff at any one time:

  • 2 children, pupils, students and staff, who are likely to have mixed closely, test positive for COVID-19 within a 10-day period