Here2Help Business: Develop - Graduate programme

Here2Help Business: Develop

Grant support up to £10,000 will be available to Worcestershire SME’s to offer a 12 month graduate placement or internship.

The Graduate development programme aims to improve business productivity, enable knowledge and skills transfer and increase employment opportunities for graduates, and post graduates, whilst retaining their talent for the benefit of the local economy.

About the grant:

  • the grant will cover a one-year period at 50% of the graduate salary costs up to a maximum of £10,000 with the remaining 50% to be provided by the SME
  • the grant will be paid retrospectively on a quarterly basis
  • the grant is available to appoint those who fully graduated in 2018, 2019 or 2020 and not for those on a work placement as part of their ongoing university studies
  • placement opportunities must be created and advertised following the award of the grant
  • it is expected that the appointed graduate will be a current Worcestershire resident or a graduate from the University of Worcester
  • employers are responsible for the process of the recruitment and selection themselves

Eligibility criteria

Eligible applicants must be in the following sectors:

  • manufacturing (including science and medical, food and drink)
  • information technology (cyber security/digital and creative)
  • business and professional services (this is restricted to business to business and non-brokerage services)
  • agri-technology
  • construction
  • transport and logistics

Business must also:

  • be operating within Worcestershire and have a Worcestershire business address
  • be a small/medium size enterprise (SME’s) up to 250 employees
  • be a limited company, a sole trader or partnership (trading over 12 months)

How to apply

Please email at Sustain&