Here2Help Business: Sustain and Grow H2HB2 Grants

Here2Help Business: Sustain and grow

Up to £15,000 capital and revenue Grant support (40% match funded) to Worcestershire businesses (SME’s) to support Covid recovery in a range of areas including: 
•    business resilience 
•    business adjustments
•    supply chain development
•    business change and transformation projects for new working practices
•    product and service diversification
•    introduction of new technology 
•    research and development 
•    diversification into new markets


For the full criteria regarding businesses eligibility and eligible expenditure please download our Eligibility Guidance Notes (PDF)

Eligible applicants must be in the Following Sectors:

  • manufacturing (incl science and medical, food and drink)
  • information technology (cyber security. digital and creative)
  • professional business services 
  • agri-technology
  • construction
  • commercial transport and logistics
  • tourism (as defined in the Eligibility  and Grant Guidance)

And operate 

  • within Worcestershire and have a Worcestershire business address
  • as a small/medium sized enterprise (SME) - refer to definition in the Eligibility and Grant Guidance.
  • as a sole trader, partnership or limited company trading over 24 months (unless covered under Tourism)
  • trading predominantly B2B (unless covered under Tourism)

The Application Process

Stage one: Expression of Interest

1. All potential applicants must first review the Eligibility and Grant Guidance Notes and then complete a brief Expression of Interest form (EoI). This allows the Here2Help Business team to assess initial eligibility and avoids businesses completing full applications if not appropriate

Download our Eligibility Guidance Notes (PDF)

Download our Expression of Interest (Word)

2. Please ensure you have read the guidance notes thoroughly before submitting the EoI to our Sustain and Grow inbox at sustain& 

3. Once eligibility is confirmed you will receive a full application pack with guidance notes on how to complete the application form, expenditure table and the quotes plus the documents required to support your application. If you wish to review these guidance notes in advance, please download the completing the H2HB2 Grant Application (PDF)

Stage 2: Completing the Application Form

On receipt of the Full Application Pack the Applicant will;

  1. source the appropriate number of quotes for each proposed purchase
  2. complete the expenditure table detailing name of each quoting supplier and their price
  3. provide full copies of the last 2 years accounts
  4. provide evidence of match funding
  5. fully answer all questions in the application form
  6. if a business plan is available this may also be submitted
  7. submit all documents to sustain&

Stage 3: Evaluation

All final applications will be evaluated and scored by two appraisers. Only those achieving the minimum benchmark score or above will be successful and receive a grant funding offer. It is therefore important to provide full and informative answers in the application form.