GET SAFE - One year on

We are marking the one year anniversary of the creation of the GET SAFE Partnership

Launched in June 2019 Get Safe is the local multi agency response to tackle child criminal exploitation including partners such as:

  • Worcestershire Children First
  • West Mercia Police
  • Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
  • Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Education
  • Youth Justice
  • Voluntary services
  • NHS England Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Housing
  • District Councils
  • Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC)
  • Probation

Over the last 12 months the Get Safe Partnership has continued the work to strengthen the responses that children receive when there are concerns of criminal exploitation. The strategic and operational response continues to be robust with many statutory and voluntary agencies working together to tackle the concerns. 

The partnership works to tackle a range of areas of child criminal exploitation including, county lines drug dealing, child sexual exploitation and support to children that may go missing from home.

Over the past 12 months we have developed the Get Safe web site and a Get Safe virtual team that provides a wide range of information and guidance to professionals to help them work with children and young people from early help to child protection where “Get Safe” risk exist in their lives.

This year a new GET SAFE Risk Assessment has been developed that all professionals working with children and young people can use. This new assessment helps professionals ask the right questions about the child’s world to help identify risks or possible risks of exploitation by others at the earliest opportunity.

There is also ongoing multi-agency training to help recognise signs and concerns of children being exploited as this is an ever-changing picture.

The partnership has developed new innovative ways to share information quickly with partner agencies so they can respond with the right service at the right time for the child to keep them safe from harm and abuse.

Take a look at what we have achieved in the last 12 months

1. New Multi Agency GET SAFE risk assessment tool

2. GET SAFE practitioner guide to identify risk

3. Clear response pathway for young people

4. Our multi-agency plan of intervention and support: prepare, prevent, protect and pursue

5. GET SAFE strategy and action plan

6. Multi-agency adults and children training funded by PCC

7. A range of services for YP identified as vulnerable or experiencing GET SAFE concerns

8. New information leaflet designed by young people for young people

9. New information for parents and carers

10. Voices of young people informing our practice and service developments

11. New innovative ways of sharing information with multiple partners

12. Updated website for guidance and support around GET SAFE

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