Digital Strategy

residents using digital devices

A Digital Council

Being a Digital Council needs to be a fundamental part of who we are. It will allow us to work with our partners who are already engaged in digital innovation to support and develop the county of Worcestershire and deliver on the ambition of being an even better place to live in and do Business.  Making Worcestershire a place where staff, members, people, communities and businesses flourish.

Digital transformation

The Council has also established a core capacity for delivering digital transformation through the creation of the:

  • Digital Transformation Team: A team of experienced Business Analysts and Project Managers that are specialists in analysing business requirements, business process redesign and delivering Agile projects.
  • Digital Delivery Team: A team of experienced Developers, Web Designers and User Experience specialists who work alongside the Digital Transformation team to deliver digital solutions.
  • Agile Delivery: We have created a robust Digital Delivery Methodology utilising the principles of Agile project delivery that is followed for all digital transformation projects.

Focus areas

Our digital solutions follow the GDS (Government Digital Service) standards. We have also adopted new agile ways of working to enable us to build our projects and development sin the most efficient and professional way.

Through various workshops and group exercises with a range of stakeholders from across the organisation we have established that whilst our current digital delivery capability is strong, there are five areas of focus for our Digital Strategy which will enable us to become a leading digital Council.

  • Digital workforce
  • Digital services
  • Digital data intelligence
  • Digital county
  • Digital customer


Government standards

Worcestershire County Council, alongside District partners, has signed up the Government Digital Services (GDS) Digital Declaration with Paul Robinson as the signatory.   

The declaration is a commitment with other partners and a cross section of local authorities. It sets out our shared vision for world class public services. It commits all of us to work together to make sure that the vision is made a reality. 

It is a collective ambition for local public services in the digital age and our commitments to realise it by delivering services that are efficient, modern, responsive and simple and delightful to use.