Coronavirus (COVID-19) SEND Local Offer


Here2Help is a community action response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) for those people who are having to self-isolate and are unable to seek help from family, friends and neighbours.

There is also help and support for families who may need it because of coronavirus, you can request help on the website. The website also has useful information and the opportunity to volunteer to help if you can.

What sort of help and support?

If, because of the coronavirus lockdown, you are struggling to get shopping or collect medicine and prescriptions, or need help with a pet or transport, you can request help. There is also ideas and information about keeping children entertained and mental health and wellbeing.

It is not an emergency service the aim is to offer help and support to those that request it within 48 hours.

To find out more and either request support or offer to help visit Here2Help

If it’s difficult to get online you can also log a call by calling 01905 768053