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Coronavirus (COVID-19) talking to your children about the virus

Animation for children and young people about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This was developed by the Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust.

Download: Children's Coronavirus Fact Sheet

Download: Children's guide to Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the Children’s Commissioner (opens in a new window)

Managing stress

Website: Ed Psych Insight  managing stress during Coronavirus (opens in a new window)

Website: The British Psychological Society - Talking to children about Coronavirus (opens in a new window)

Understanding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The situation surrounding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak is changing rapidly and this can be very scary for children and young people. They will understandably have many questions and mixed emotions. Below is a list of resources to help children understand and to support you to answer their questions. 


Website: A free book from Nurse Dotty books “Dave the dog is worried about coronavirus”. Suitable for younger children (opens in a new window)

Website: Carol Gray Coronavirus Social Story (opens in a new window)

Website: Covibook - an interactive resource designed to help children deal with their emotions surrounding Coronavirus (opens in a new window)

Website: Public Health England - Easy Read guide - Advice about Coronavirus (opens in a new window)

Website: Talking Mats - Easy read guide to social distancing (opens in a new window)

Website: INEQE- Animation explaining Coronavirus to children (opens in a new window)

Website: Children's Commissioner - Children's guide to Coronavirus for primary school children (COVID-19) (opens in a new window)


Website: Place2Be - Helpful information to answer questions from children (opens in a new window)

Website: Young Minds - Talking to your child about Coronavirus (opens in a new window)

Website: Psychology Today - How to Explain a Global Health Crisis to Children with Autism (opens in a new window)

Website: BBC Newsround - helpful up to date information on Coronavirus for kids (opens in a new window)