Coronavirus (COVID-19) unpaid carers

Information for people who are caring, unpaid, for friends or family during the coronavirus outbreak

A carer is someone who provides care, unpaid for a friend or family member, who cannot cope without their support. This maybe because they have a lifelong condition, illness, disability, serious injury, mental health condition or an addiction.

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COVID-19 vacinations for carers

Unpaid carers can now receive the COVID-19 vaccination, providing they are either: 

  • are eligible for a carer’s allowance 
  • are identified as a primary carer by their GP 
  • are receiving support following a carer’s assessment by their local council or from a local carer’s organisation or receiving support from Worcestershire Association on of Carers, Stroke Association or YSS
  • are the sole or primary carer who provides close personal care or face to face support for an elderly or disabled person who is clinically vulnerable to COVID-19 - those clinically vulnerable to COVID-19 include: 
    • children over the age of 12 with severe neuro-disabilities who tend to get recurrent respiratory tract infections and who frequently spend time in specialised residential care settings for children with complex needs
    • those who are designated Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV)
    • adults who have underlying health conditions (as defined in table 3 of the Green Book which includes adults over 16 on the GP Learning Disability Register); and those who need care because of advanced age (over 65) 
  • support to someone with a mental health need such as emotional support

In some cases where caring responsibilities are shared, an additional person can be classed as a primary carer and receive a vaccination.

All eligible unpaid carers who are known to health and care services have now been contacted by the NHS and given information about how they should book their appointment. They can use their NHS vaccine invitation to book an appointment online through the National Booking Service at

This will either take place at a vaccination site in your local community supported by your GP practice, or at a large vaccination centre. We know that many thousands of carers have already been contacted and have been vaccinated. More information and guidance can be found at Website: Carers UK vaccine frequently asked question (opens in a new window)

If you need further advice or support you can also contact our local carers organisations and they will advise you if you are able to receive your COVID-19 vaccine: Worcestershire Association of Carers (opens in a new window).

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

If you are an unpaid carer and you are having difficulties sourcing PPE, you can either complete our online form or contact us via email:

Please highlight your current situation and PPE requirements and we will aim to assist. A typical pack of PPE would last 3 months.

There are also national suppliers of PPE such as:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) for carers

There is lots of information on the GOV.UK website regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). The webpages are updated regularly: Coronavirus (COVID-19) (GOV.UK website, opens in a new window).

This guidance provides useful information for people who are caring, unpaid, for friends or family during the coronavirus outbreak: Coronavirus (COVID-19): providing unpaid care (GOV.UK website, opens in a new window).

There is also specific guidance ‘Coronavirus Covid 19: providing unpaid care such as friends and family for adults with learning disabilities and autism: COVID-19: providing unpaid care to adults with learning disabilities and autistic adults (GOV.UK website, opens in a new window). The guidance helps people with caring responsibilities to:

  • keep people with learning disabilities and autistic people safe
  • support them to understand the changes they need to make during the COVID-19 outbreak
  • protect their own wellbeing

Support for carers

For information and support please go to the Carers page.

Having a back up plan if you are unable to care for someone

It is important for you to have a contingency plan for the person you care for. If you need support to do this please contact Worcestershire Association for Carers: Worcestershire Association of Carers (opens in a new window).

If you have specific queries about the person you care for, please contact the Adult Social Care Access Centre: 01905 768053 - you will be redirected to the appropriate team as appropriate or email: