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Here2Help Health and Wellbeing Hub – Resident Focus Group

Here2help Worcestershire

November 2021 Resident Focus Group Meeting

We would like to invite you to find out more about the Here2Help Service and Transformation Programme by attending our Virtual Session (via Microsoft Teams) Friday on 12 November.

During this session the Here2Help Team will give you an overview of the Here2Help Service, Transformation Programme and give updates on what’s been happening so far. They will also talk about next steps which are being planned.

To book your place at the session please fill out this short form: Focus Group Meeting Booking Form (opens in a new window)

The wellbeing of our residents is a priority for us here at Worcestershire County Council

So far Here2Help has provided a range of support to over 3,500  individuals including emergency food parcels, medication collections and assistance with shopping.

It has significantly grown the volunteering offer and has further strengthened relationships with Residents, District Councils, Partners and the Voluntary Community Sector (VCS) who have worked together to provide a One Worcestershire response.

Now, we want to further develop Here2Help

Using Here2Help as a dedicated wellbeing response service we want to support people to access the right advice, information and support at the right time. The focus is on the strengths of the individuals, their communities and the support network around them.

Here2Help will support all ages and will be available for residents, organisations and staff to access information, advice, tools, guidance and local support in a variety of ways.

Underpinning the Here2Help development are the following principles:

  • empower and enable people
    we will empower and enable people to make their own choices and find their solutions
  • connect people
    we will connect people with their communities
  • support communities
    we will build and support resilient communities
  • be easily accessible for all
    we will be easily accessible, transparent and inclusive offering a joined-up experience across all channels for all residents

This is the start of the Here2Help transformation journey and will be working with many different groups of people throughout this work to help us design and shape the future Here2Help Service including the following groups.

  • staff (across Worcestershire County Council and Worcestershire Children First)
  • Voluntary Community Sector (VCS)
  • residents and communities (including Resident Focus Group)
  • partners and organisations
  • others

Why is the Resident Focus Group it important?

This focus group is important to enable residents to help shape the development of Here2Help. Bringing a range of individuals from across the county with different experiences together will enhance the overall programme. It will ensure that the future service really meets the needs of Worcestershire residents.

What does the Resident Focus Group do?

Members of the Focus Group are invited to get involved in different areas of the service developments including:

  • review our digital systems and help design new digital tools and design the Here2Help brand going forward
  • share ideas on how we work with volunteers and organisations who support them
  • provide feedback on issues and needs relating to local community support
  • feedback on current services to enable improvement
  • share their own experiences and ideas for wellbeing support
  • identify resident reps to be members on various Here2Help groups as these develop

Read about our shared values and principles

Many more opportunities will arise as the development journey continues and the Here2Help team will keep people up to date through this webpage….

How do I get involved?

The first resident focus group met last month, and we would like to invite even more people to get involved in these future meetings.

If you would like to join the Resident Focus Group please complete this form to tell us more about yourself and your interests:

Here2Help Resident Focus Group Registration Form

How we will use and share your information? 

Download: Privacy Notice (PDF)

Here's a short video about the Resident Focus Group