Helpful community groups and organisations

Many groups are forming across Worcestershire to support isolated members of the community. These groups may be able to offer help and support such as shopping, dog walking and phone calls.

We fully support the work of Worcestershire residents to help in these difficult times, but they are not all established organisations and the Council do not manage them.  The vast majority of people involved have really good intentions, but there are already some examples of vulnerable people being targeted by less scrupulous members of society.

We advise that if you ask a group for help you,  do not share any personal information in a public place and suggest you message anyone who is offering to help you directly rather than in a public group, and do not give them any information that is not essential for them to provide that help.

Never give your bank card or bank details to anyone that you do not know and trust and never hand over your debit card or PIN number.

If you have any concerns about a member of a group please first speak with the group admin. If you are concerned for someone’s safety and think it is a safeguarding issue contact Worcestershire County Council's helpline:

Helpline phone number: 01905 768053