Virtual School funding

Pupil Premium Plus (PP+)

Schools receive Pupil Premium funding (up to £700 per term) for Looked After Children and for children who have been adopted (but notification of adoption will vary and funding arrangements different). Pupil Premium Plus is allocated for schools to provide additional interventions to accelerate progress for individual children in order that the gap between outcomes for Looked after Children and their peers can be closed.

There are many good examples of where schools and settings have successfully used this funding to provide personalised programmes of academic or pastoral support or to extend the cultural and social experiences for Looked after Children .

Some of best practice examples of how Worcestershire’s schools/settings use Pupil Premium Plus include:

  • one to one tuition from an external agency/teacher/Higher Level Teaching Assistant to bridge the gap or extend learning/experiences for gifted and talented Looked after Children
  • small group interventions and extra sessions for maths and English which are personalised and targeted at specific gaps in learning beyond standard differentiation
  • therapeutic interventions such as Thrive therapy, relationship based play and attachment based mentoring (one to one or in small groups)
  • resources purchased for the child to use at home including enrichment materials, basic English and maths practise books and revision guides, Numicom kits, or Nimbo Treasure Chest for developing fine motor skills
  • magazine subscriptions to encourage enthusiasm broader interest and reading
  • extra-curricular activities to support social and emotional well-being, extend experience, raise confidence and self-esteem for example drama and dance
  • laptop and printer (Key Stage 4) to support GCSE coursework
  • music tuition and purchase of musical instruments
  • educational trips and visits
  • rewards and recognition for success and achievement
  • University visits and taster events

Early Years settings are able to access the Early Years Pupil Premium via the Provider Portal. Please note that that Pupil Premium Plus is not available to Early Years settings. 

Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)

Worcestershire Children First is in charge of giving the EYPP to the early years providers that educate looked after children (children in the care of Worcestershire Children First) who are taking up the Universal Nursery Education Funding (NEF) entitlement for three to four year olds. Early years providers or any other organisation that receives NEF from the local authority for children aged under five, including nurseries and childminders.

Worcestershire Children First: Early Years Pupil Premium via the Provider Portal.

Website: Early years national funding formula: funding rates and guidance from GOV.UK (opens in a new window)

Two Year Old Funding

If the child has been adopted from care they will be entitled to two year old funding, however they must first apply. It has been made very clear to nurseries that they should not offer anyone a free place until they have been provided with a ‘Certificate’ confirming that they are entitled to it.

Pupil Premium Grant

Pupil Premium Plus (5 to 16 years) is managed by the VSH to improve the attainment and progress of looked after children. Schools will receive Pupil Premium Grant Funding on the result of a good quality Personal Education Plan (PEP) and will receive up to £700 per term. Funding will not be allocated to Schools if a PEP is not completed. The pupil premium should not be used to fund central services or private schools, as this is provided through the care contract.

The Virtual School Head (VSH) and Virtual School colleagues work with education settings, ensuring interventions are tailored to the characteristics and experiences of the individual. The grant should be spent on improving educational outcomes and ensuring the young person makes at least good or better progress than their peers. Funding should be put in place to improve education experiences of the child.

Pupil Premium (5 to 16 years) for Special Guardianship Order (SGO), Residential Orders and Adopted Children is funded directly to Schools. The School receive £2,300 per annum. The grant should be spent on improving educational outcomes and ensuring the young person makes at least good or better progress than their peers.

The Pupil Premium Grant for 2019 to 2020 will include pupils recorded in the January 2020 school census and alternative provision census who were looked after by an English or Welsh local authority immediately before being adopted, or who left local authority care on a special guardianship order or child arrangements order (previously known as a residence order). Please inform schools of the child's status to ensure they are recorded on the school census and receive funding as a result. These are collectively referred to as post-LAC in the conditions of grant.

The Virtual School Head must be able to demonstrate how the pupil premium and EYPP funding is raising the achievement of our Looked After Children to other governing bodies.

Worcestershire County Council: Free childcare for 2 year olds

Website: Pupil premium 2019 to 2020: conditions of grant from GOV.UK (opens in a new window)