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Top tips for integrated two and a half year old review process

Communication is imperative for the success of the integrated two year review

An equal partnership needs to be developed to ensure early intervention. Key to this is picking up the phone or sending an email when you have concerns about a child. (Permission must be sought from parents or carers before contacting other professionals).

When should a practitioner complete the check?

Practitioners should only complete the check when they are confident they know their key child well enough to write a short summary of the child’s development in the prime areas. Where possible, complete this prior to the health and development review by the health visitors.

Parents should have a voice prior to finalising the progress check at age two

Practitioners should share and discuss the child’s development with parents.

Encourage parents to share the child’s Personal Child Health Record (PCHR) red book on entry to the setting

This should be used on an ongoing basis for communicating between professionals about health and development. Encourage parents or carers to always have the red book available. The PCHR contains useful information, such as the child’s expected date of delivery, immunisations, and health and development that you can use to inform your on entry information. Practitioners should be familiar with the PCHR, the health and development review

Download: Health for all children - Personal Child Health record (opens in a new window)