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What are the statutory requirements for integrated two and a half year old review?

Early years progress check at age 2

When a child is aged between two and three, practitioners must review their progress, and provide parents or carers with a short written summary of their child’s development in the prime areas. This is outlined in the Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage, 2014, p.13, 2.3.

Health and development review at age 2  to  2 and a half

Healthy Child Programme (universal offer): Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) developmental review. This is a parent or carer completed questionnaire, designed to screen the developmental performance of children in the areas of communication, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, problem solving and personal-social skills.

During assessment; dental health, accident prevention, sleep management, toilet training and providing sources of parenting advice and family information are discussed.