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Day services for adults – things to consider when doing a risk assessment for re-opening

Added 18 June 2020

Checklist Day Services for Adults – things to consider when doing a Risk Assessment for re-opening (opens in a new window)

We hope that this will be useful to you. Please note that the checklist is not an exhaustive list and that the document is for guidance only.  Decisions around re-opening and appropriate risk assessments remain the responsibility of providers and will also need to take into account the most up to date government guidance and rules around social distancing. Service-wide risk assessment should also be accompanied by appropriate risk assessments on an individual basis for those adults who may be considering returning to day services, in discussion with social work teams where appropriate.

Please contact if you want to discuss anything with commissioners and to let us know if you are considering re-opening and to share your plans. Commissioners are not in a position to instruct independent providers to re-open or to sign off re-opening plans or risk assessments. However, your risk assessments are a key document for social workers, to inform their discussions about attendance with those individuals who are funded by Worcestershire County Council. We very much appreciate how you have been keeping us informed, as this is most helpful when it comes to planning. Please give us as much notice as you can, particularly in relation to the specific individuals who will be starting back, so that we can follow up and carry out the required work in good time.

Guidance if you are considering re-opening your day service

Updated 21 May 2020

WCC commissioners are starting to get queries about re-opening day services. As providers will appreciate, the issues involved in re-opening day services safely are complex, given the diverse nature of each of the services. Worcestershire County Council are not expecting any day services to re-open at present but ultimately this is a decision for each provider based on thorough risk assessment informed by government guidance. We are currently reviewing the situation and the advice and what this means for day services and will post further information here as soon as that is possible.

We anticipate that for some traditional centre based services it will be difficult to maintain social distancing, so in the interim it would be helpful if providers could be thinking about how they might offer a different service to their clients e.g. supporting them to access exercise or supporting them at home within current social distancing guidance. We know a number of you have been creative and have been offering things like telephone and on line support and craft boxes.

If any provider is planning on re-opening, please can you contact WCC before doing so by sending an email to