Troubled Families

The Troubled Families Programme

The Troubled Families programme delivers intensive support for the whole family that is aimed at those with complex and often intergenerational problems.

In Worcestershire, the Troubled Families programme is delivered by a number of agencies working together to address specific issues within the family. The support is led by a family support worker and interventions will often involve partners including the police, health, education, social care and the community and voluntary sector.

Referrals for this support programme are made through Early Help Family Support. For more information see request services from early help family support

Our Outcomes Plan

Worcestershire County Council has produced a plan that sets out how Worcestershire will prioritise families for support and how we will deliver that support and evidence progress for families.

The Troubled Families programme is expected to work with families meeting a range of issues across the 6 priority themes of the programme:

  1. parents and young people involved in crime or anti-social behaviour
  2. children who have not been attending school regularly
  3. children who need help
  4. adults out of work or at risk of financial exclusion, and young people at high risk of worklessness
  5. families effected by violence against women and girls
  6. parents and children with a range of health problems

More information about each of these areas is available in the Outcomes Plan.

Worcestershire's Troubled Families Outcome Plan 2018 to 2020

If you would like more information about the delivery of the Troubled Families Programme please email