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Digital Worcestershire

Digital Worcestershire


Digital is transforming everyday lives on a global scale and will continue to do so at an ever-increasing pace.

Having access to the internet is now often described as the fourth utility and is an important consideration for residents and businesses. This need to be better connected is also changing what people want and need from Worcestershire County Council.

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Digital inclusion in our libraries

Digital inclusion is about ensuring local communities have the skills and confidence to access digital information and services and to feel safe online. Find out more about Digital Inclusion in our Libraries.

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Our IT Strategy

Advancements in technology, together with the effective use of data, presents huge opportunity for the Council.

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Our Digital Strategy

We want to make Worcestershire a place where staff members, people, communities and businesses can flourish digitally.

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Our Data Management and Insight Strategy

We want to provide accurate, relevant, timely and consistent data securely.

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Our Information Governance Strategy

We want information governance to play a central role in helping the Council maximise the value of its information.

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Digital Accessibility Strategy

We aim to make our digital information accessible and develop a broad organisational culture of digital inclusion.

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Digital connectivity

Information on the programmes and projects that focus on the deployment of digital infrastructure in Worcestershire.

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Digital Showcase

We have developed many digital systems, services and websites to support our community in Worcestershire.

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Create inclusive documents

Supporting our workforce and community to develop basic skills to create inclusive accessible documents.

SCULPT for Accessibility

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Digital Accessibility

We have broken down the web regulations into a step by step guide for our local public bodies in Worcestershire.

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