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Digital project showcase

Highways Land and Property

A fully end-to-end service where customers/ businesses can apply and pay for a range of land/property related searches to determine legal boundaries, extents of responsibility and information for the applicant or location that were previously only available as a paper based application.

This system:

  • Removed the need for locally held spreadsheet data that was clunky and non-user friendly.
  • Provided targeted communications to key users and helped with immediate take up by the customer
  • Ongoing average of 99% self service since go live in November 2016.
  • Payment is made online at point of application supporting time savings in processing applications removing the need for pursuing any outstanding monies owed.
  • Service area dashboard created where staff can administer applications and access reports in real time.

"The new process has saved us time in handling and processing applications.  It has enabled us to operate a more efficient and organised system that is also more user friendly." 

(Ed Dursley, Street works Notifications Manager)