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Digital project showcase

Partner Portal (MASH)

A new portal to enable sharing of  Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) cases with partner agencies.

These agencies include:

Children's Services, Health WHCT (including CCG), Health WAHT, Adult Safeguarding, Community Social Worker Team, Youth Justice Service, Swanswell and the Police (HAU).

  • Cases can be added  by Childrens Services to be discussed at MASH and flagged to selected partner agencies for relevant background information to be added
  • Secure communication to partner agencies to inform them of new MASH case, date and time
  • Each Partner Agency Single Agency Chronology of significant events is collated into a Multi Agency chronology for review at MASH meeting
  • Dashboard to manage MASH cases and real time documentation of agreed actions and outcome, enabling timely distribution of minutes
  • Ability to convert to Strategy Discussion if required and ensure required agencies have copies of minutes
  • Minutes available for limited time for partners to download or upload directly to Childrens Social Care system (Fwi), email notification to remind them after 5 working days