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Digital project showcase

Children’s Services Portal

A fully online and integrated application for schools, Education (Babcock) and WCC staff to access and share safeguarding information, raise concerns, raise a school closure and access a range of other services through the “Single View of a Child”

The portal includes the following features:

  • Display education and social care information within a single portal to assist safeguarding of a child.
  • Securely share this information internally and with selected partners (e.g. NHS, Police etc.)
  • Role based permissions for viewing appropriate content. (e.g. Risk of  NEET Indicator)
  • Direct integration with Education and Social Care systems (Capita One and Frameworki) displaying real-time data.
  • Search using a range of known details relevant to each user role type.
  • Monitor frequency of searches to enable a 360 degree view of system usage to enable proactive intervention.