About fostering

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This website has been created by Worcestershire Children First Fostering at Worcestershire County Council, to provide information and support to people living in Worcestershire who are considering fostering. As a local authority we have a responsibility to find families who are able to care for children who need them. Without people coming forward to foster, we would not be able to provide our children with the positive future they all deserve – so we are grateful to everyone that enquires with us.

In Worcestershire we view our foster carers as our most valuable resource and are proud that we can boast long-serving, committed foster carers and staff. We need people to come forward who are determined, enjoy spending time with children and who are ready for a challenge.

We are passionate about improving the life chances of our children – and want to show you how you can make a difference to a Worcestershire child’s life.

About our children

Sometimes it is not safe for children to continue to live at home, or their family may not be able to provide the level of care and support a child may need. When this is the case professionals will make the decision for the child to become ‘Looked After’ by the local authority (you may know this as taken into care) and a suitable plan for that child will be established.

When a child or young person becomes a Looked After Child there are a number of possible options for where they will live. It may be that there is another family member who could be considered as a carer (known as kinship fostering), or that they will go to live with a (non-related) foster carer. It may be that the child requires a certain level of care that cannot always be met in a family setting, in which case they could live in a residential children’s home.

If the child is not able to return to their family in the future then the plan may be to find them an adoptive family, who they will live with permanently.