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Love Food Hate Waste

37% of the average household in Worcestershire is food waste (1). This costs the authority around £11m in disposal charges in 2015/16. Some of the waste is made up of things like peelings, cores and bones and is unavoidable, but the majority is, or once was, perfectly good food.

As a nation we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year, costing us £12.5bn (2). This is equivalent to the average household throwing away six meals a week and equates to nearly £700 a year for the average family with children or £470 a year for the average household. The carbon associated with this avoidable food waste is equivalent to taking one in four cars off UK roads for a year (3).

Again, some of this is inedible food waste but the vast majority is, or once was, perfectly good food. Surprisingly however, research indicates that people don’t think they waste food and that the food they waste doesn’t cost them much. In fact each of us throws away on average 110kg of food a year.

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This website also contains lots of recipes and ideas for using up leftovers.

[1] Waste Composition Analysis, 2010, Resource Futures
[3] WRAP Household Food and Drink Waste in the United Kingdom