By making a few simple changes to our lifestyles we can all significantly reduce the contents of our household waste bin.

Worcestershire residents threw away of 272,649 tonnes of household waste in 2018/19, costing Worcestershire County Council over £31m. It is predicted the amount of waste will increase to over 290,000 tonnes per year by 2020, with projected disposal costs of £35m. Every person can play their part in reducing the amount of waste that they throw away, which currently stands at around just under half a tonne per person per year!

There are a number of ways everyone can reduce their waste:

Lets Waste Less Volunteers

Lets Waste Less Volunteers encourage people in their local community to reduce the amount of waste they throw away; this could be via composting, food waste reduction, recycling more, reusing or repairing items or not generating the waste in the first place.