Types of criminal exploitation

Knife crime

Let us help you talk to your child about knife crime now

Did you know? Just 30 seconds can change a life.

Knife crime  isn’t a gang issue.

If you carry a knife, you’re 51 per cent more likely to have it used against you.

Watch our short video of local parent’s Mark and Beverly Brindley whose son James was stabbed by a teenager, giving simple tips on having that conversation.

Further information

Website: #LifeorKnife (opens in a new window) - Explore our new #LifeorKnife site which is full of helpful tips and information for both you and your child. You can also look at 10 simple steps image on how to have a conversation with your child.

Website: Crimestoppers (opens in a new window) - Remember you can report anonymously through CrimeStoppers.
Together we can all tackle knife crime and keep our children safe.