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Types of criminal exploitation

Worrying behaviours in a child or young person

Displaying behaviours that may be ‘risky’: going missing from home or school; going to areas known for criminal exploitation; substance use; committing crime.

Displaying behaviours that may be ‘suspicious’: unexplained money, clothing or gifts; using a mobile phone a lot and being secretive; having more than one phone and changing their phone number a lot

Changing relationships: not seeing their usual friends; seeing new friends who are know to be risky or involved with crime; continuing to see friends against parents wishes.

Decline in mental health and wellbeing: evidence of physical or sexual assault; sexually transmitted diseases, changing appearance (weight loss, changes to personal hygiene, signs of exhaustion); self-harm or significant changes in emotional wellbeing.

Parents or carers experiencing challenging behaviours: the child or young person is not doing well at school; violence against parents; loss of parental control.